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NY Health Keto Diet Program


Many of our patients and friends have asked us to expand our diet portfolio to include a Keto diet.

Well the weight (that was not a misspelling) is over….

So maybe you have decided to lose weight and get healthy, fantastic! Maybe you have already tried some version of a Keto diet and it did not work for you. Or maybe you have researched so many different diets out there and are just overwhelmed. We are here to help.

Whichever scenario describes your need or situation, we are so excited to offer the

NY Health Keto Program!

You might ask, why is our Keto program different?  Before that you may ask why we are calling it a program instead of a diet – hold that question. Like any diet, there is no magic – it takes work and a number of life-style changes. But for the most part we know what does NOT work – and that is going it alone. We work with you and check in with you to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Why else is our Keto diet different? This is why we call it a program – there is no separation between diet, losing weight, monitoring and fine-tuning your hormones. We have many, many years of helping patients lose weight and feel better as a result of this overall approach. Why do you think that Weight Watchers has recently changed their approach – it’s about time!

If you are already familiar with the Keto diet and are anxious to get started, we provide you with our NY Health (Women’s or Men’s) diet program, a 7-deal meal plan and many, many great recipes, which enable you to do a 30-day program with ease.

The program includes 4 phone consultations and a 30-day supply of our exogenous ketone drink. The cost for this all-inclusive 30-day program is $600.

Briefly – many of those that are interested in the Keto diet do not realized the other health benefits which include: controlling blood sugar, increased mental focus, more energy during the day, treatment of epilepsy, improvement of cholesterol and blood pressure levels, lowering of insulin levels and in some cases a reduction in acne. It is also the perfect diet for hormone and thyroid balance.

So, we are excited about our NYH Keto Program and hope you are also!

Contact us if you have any question or are ready to move forward.

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