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HCG Diet

The results are worth the commitment.


Before starting, we run a comprehensive health evaluation to understand your body.


With the appetite suppressing HCG and diet plan, you can lose .5 - 1 lb. of weight daily!


Don't be fooled by the HCG imitations. Unlike HCG drops, our injections are the real deal.


A small, daily injection of HCG combined with a 500-calorie a day diet is all you need.
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How It Works

HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone produced in pregnancy. It is safe for both men and women and is routinely used as an effective way to promote weight loss.

HCG causes the hypothalamus in the brain to convert fat cells to fuel, which results in quick weight loss. HCG also protects you from losing lean muscle and cuts down on your appetite, making the 500-calorie diet a breeze.


Safety First

Your safety and health is our number one priority. Before you start, we take a complete history of your health and do a comprehensive evaluation. We also perform hormone balancing, including both thyroid and adrenal hormones.

Your Part

All you need to get the benefits of this diet is a daily injection of a minute amount of HCG, which is administered using a tiny insulin needle. The shot helps decrease your appetite, making the 500-calorie a day diet a breeze.

To be successful on the HCG, it's crucial that everything is administered and monitored under the care of a physician or nurse who specializes in the use of hormones and diet and at NY Health that's exactly what you get.

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